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The Keith de Lellis Gallery is Presenting Work by 13 Swedish Photographers (Photograph)

The Keith de Lellis Gallery is presenting work by 13 Swedish photographers whose mid-century work is both innovative and unfamiliar to many American viewers. Sten Didrik Bellander, Harry Dittmer, Sven Gillsäter, Hans Hammarskiöld, Sven-Gösta Johansson, Sune Jonsson, Berndt Klyvare, Kary H. Lasch, Pål-Nils Nilsson, Georg Oddner, Lennart Olson, Anna Riwkin, Rolf Winquist: Swedish Modern: Mid-Century Photographs by Swedish Photographers opens December 9 and includes work by eight photographers who were part of a collective of Swedish photographers known at TIO ("ten" in Swedish), whose members were known for their photojournalism, but also fashion, nature, and abstract photography.